Behind The Scenes of Shark Tank

Behind The Scenes of Shark Tank

In January of 2022, we aired on Shark Tank! We were so excited to represent Must Love and challenge ourselves to face the sharks.

We had actually applied to Shark Tank a few years prior, yet didn’t make the cut. That turned out to be the best thing for us, as we were much more prepared this time around. We have many more stores that sell Must Love products, making our nice creams more easily accessible to Shark Tank viewers. Not to mention, we rebranded to Must Love from our former name Hakuna Banana. This year, the Shark Tank episode truly represents our more mature, five-year-old brand. We had been dreaming- some would say manifesting- this Shark Tank feature for years. When we found out that we were getting on the show this time around, we were ecstatic.

When preparing for the episode, we decided to have a huge brainstorming session to think of every possible question we might be asked. Furthermore, we decided to prioritize getting across the message that our strong friendship is the reason for our passion and success- which is very true.

It was a big risk to choose a high valuation, which definitely created some drama in the episode. However, having years of experience in the industry, we felt confident in our decision to do so.

Getting ready for the shooting was a process in itself. We decided to keep things casual to stay authentic to ourselves and wear jeans and t-shirts. We didn’t have branded t-shirts, and most orders of branded shirts need to be mass-ordered. So, Hannah made our own using iron-on transfers. It was some intense crafting. Not to mention, we had to buy a bunch of new makeup after throwing all of our old, expired makeup out months before. 

By the end of the shooting day, we stayed up until midnight chatting and piecing our experiences together. It was a huge blur. We are so grateful for the opportunity to represent our company Must Love on Shark Tank!

Catch us on Season 13 Episode 11

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