Natural Versus Conventional Sprinkles

Natural Versus Conventional Sprinkles

It all started when we opened our soft serve pop up in Hawaii inside a Whole Foods in Honolulu. Our soft serve was just killer - same recipe as our ice cream, served fresh. 

But, when it came to sourcing toppings that fit our ingredient standards, we really had a hard time, especially when it came to sprinkles.

It was almost impossible to find natural sprinkles at all. And, when we did find them, they were soft and mushy in texture and not bright and colorful. They really took the extra fun factor out of sprinkles. 

So what's wrong with regular conventional sprinkles? Let me list the ways:

  • Artificial ingredients
  • Chemical dyes
  • Can use animal-based products

Wait what's that last bullet point? You read that right. Many confections companies use something called confectioner's glaze (aka shellac) which is made from the secretions of insects. 

And then sometimes you're choosing between colors made of artificial chemicals or, again, insects. 

We were surprised by all of this, too. That's why we worked to make the best, cleanest sprinkles out there. All our sprinkles are non-GMO, completely plant-based, and super premium texture, taste, and color. 

We use plants like turmeric, beets, and spirulina to make vibrant beautiful colors. Our first ingredient is pure cane sugar, not corn starch (which is what other natural sprinkles use). That's why we have that super premium crunch, not mush. And, finally we use plant-based carnauba wax, not confectioner's glaze.

Here's a handy table summarizing the differences:

  Must Love Other Natural Conventional
Plant-based Yes Sometimes Usually no
100% natural Yes Yes No
Non-GMO Yes Sometimes No
Vibrant colors Yes No Yes
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