The Best Vegan Birthday Cake

The Best Vegan Birthday Cake

In our opinion, the best types of birthday cakes include sprinkles. They add a pop of color and a slight crunch– bringing the treat to the next level! A classic funfetti cake is a go-to. Start with vanilla cake batter base and stir in Must Love sprinkles (you can now buy them in bulk!). You can stick with a single-layered cake, bake multiple layers or even turn them into cupcakes.

Our favorite recipe is by Minimalist Baker her recipe is totally vegan and the best news is it's a one-bowl recipe, it doesn't get easier than that!

When it comes to decorating a simple sprinkle layer will do, or even challenge yourself to pipe out a phrase on the top of the cake– at your own risk! This is a fun time to get creative. Check out some inspiration below and tag us in your photos.

photo credit- preppy kitchen 

photo credit- iheart baking

photo credit- jenna rae cakes

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