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Our Ingredients

Plant-based. All our ingredients are 100% plant-based and natural.

Sweetened with fruit. Our ice cream base is sweetened with either dates or coconut.

Minimal refined sugar. We use a tiny bit of cane sugar in our chocolate chips and some mix-ins like the peanut butter swirl. We have flavors that are completely free of refined sugar if that's your jam!

These are basically dried and powdered ingredients made from the sap, roots, and fruit of different plants. We use a tiny amount (less than 0.1% of the recipe) to keep our ice cream creamy from our doors to yours. They help absorb the temperature shocks of going from the freezer to car to your home.

Our ingredients! Our first ingredient is pure cane sugar while many other natural sprinkles start with some sort of starch. That's why ours has that crunch and others are mushy. We also don't sacrifice the vibrancy (aka fun) of sprinkles with muted natural colors. We use high quality plant-based colors and still deliver on the sparkle that you want when decorating your favorite treats. We also use carnauba wax instead of confectioners glaze (which is made from insects).

Cookies: No, all of our cookies contain wheat

Ice Cream: Yes, our ingredients are inherently gluten-free in most of our ice cream flavors. However, our products are not certified gluten-free. Before and after each production run is a thorough washout out process to prevent cross-contamination. On our oat milk products, the oats are run on a common line with wheat and while cross-contamination should be low, it’s not possible to guarantee no cross-contamination on the oats.

Sprinkles: Yes, our Sprinkles are also gluten-free but are not certified.

Our products are not certified Kosher, however, all of our items are 100% plant-based and do not contain any dairy.