Sustainable Swaps!

Sharing some of my favorite product swaps that I’ve made at home to lead a more sustainable life!

1.       Bar soap <> Liquid soap - I’ve switched out my regular liquid soap that I buy in a plastic bottle for bar soap and I honestly don’t miss the liquid kind! I picked up some of this artisan soap during my trip to Maui - Kula Herbs. I love the pretty paper wrap and incredible scents. If liquid is more your thing, there are some great refillable, eco-friendly brands out there like Blueland and Method

2.      Wax wraps <> Plastic wrap - I picked these up on a whim and absolutely love them! We use a lot of glass, reusable containers in our kitchen already, but sometimes you just want to put a wrap on an open bowl. There are tons of options out there – but we use Beeswrap

3.      Reusable produce bags <> Plastic produce bags - We gave these out as holiday gifts to vendors and partners last year and got such a great response. We also use them personally at home instead of the produce bags that you get at grocery stores. They come in a variety of sizes and are washable.

4.      Stasher bags <> Plastic sandwich bags - Perfect for sandwiches, but also for snacks and random storage. They’re not super cheap, but you can wash and reuse over and over again. Also, Stasher Bags are more lightweight than glass containers, so easier to use!

5.      Washable fabric face masks <> Disposable face masks - Something for these uncertain times! Instead of using disposable face masks, we’ve opted for washable, reusable ones. A lot of fashion brands are repurposing their staff and materials to create these. We love Dolan because they donate one to front-line workers for every one you purchase. Reformation, a great sustainable fashion brand, makes some too.

These are small little changes any of us can make because at the end of the day it’s about progress, not perfection!