Working From Home!

In March, a lot of us got put under state-mandated shelter-in-place (“SIP”) orders. And, working from home (“WFH”) became a new thing everyone had to get used to. Luckily the Hakuna team always works from home, so the transition wasn’t quite as rough. But, even for us, social distancing from each other and being 100% at home is still really hard and something we had to adapt to.

That said, because we are a remote-based company, we thought we could share some of our regular coping tips with you all! We each did an Instagram story takeover so you can get a peek into each of our days. You can find those in our Highlights on our profile.

We compiled our top 5 tips here, and we hope it helps make those WFH days a little easier.

Change your clothes in the morning! No, you don’t have to put on your regular business casual or even jeans. Our team mostly wears athleisure - leggings and sweatshirts are go-tos for us. Changing your clothes signals that the day is starting and breaks up your nighttime routine from your workday. I used to just roll out of bed and continue to work while in my PJs in the mornings and it became incredibly depressing quickly. This simple act helps you set your intention for the day and is actually very motivating.

Get some sunshine everyday. Go outside even for 10 minutes. A walk around the block with your doggos, roughhousing with the kiddos, or even just sitting out on your balcony with your morning coffee (what I’m doing right this minute). Absorbing some vitamin D, seeing the world outside your home and getting fresh air helps improve your mood instantly. Of course, under these circumstances, remember to social distance while outside.

Have a designated workspace. This is easier for some than others, for sure. We’re all lucky that we always work from home so have dedicated space for this. But, even if it’s just a corner of your dining table, setting aside some “official” workspace helps separate that from your personal space. If you’re tight on space, try putting your work stuff (laptop, notebook, etc.) away in a work bag at the end of the day. Yes, it’s a hassle, but you’ll thank us later! And don’t forget the coffee, our go to for busy working days is this single serve from copper cow its a real treat and transports your workspace to a cafe!

Rediscover your love of cooking. All of us at Hakuna happen to love to cook, and this extra time at home has given us the gift of many home-cooked meals. They’re not always successful (ask my household about the lentil fiasco two weeks ago), but this is an opportunity to nourish your body and mind through home-cooked food. Dinner has definitely become something to look forward to at the end of each day. And, because you’re home all day, those multi-step hours-long recipes that seemed impossible or reserved for weekends are now within reach!

When all else fails, WINE. This one comes from our resident mom-boss, Grace, but we can all relate, right? After a long day of tag-teaming work and homeschooling with her husband, sometimes a glass (or three) of wine is very necessary to get through to the end of the day. This one is her personal favorite. Cheers, my friends! 

These have been cultivated over the past few years of WFH, and we hope they help you during SIP!